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A word by the Director General

The group works in the field of contracting under the name of the company of Mohammed Hisham Ismael and partners which is considered one of the most distinct private sector companies for engineering and contracting businesses in Syria. It was founded in 1965 under the name of Eng. Mohammad Hisham Ismael where he implemented the most important public construction projects in the country including irrigation projects, road construction, dams water tanks, airports, metal structures, cement plants and industrial plants (turn key project), hotels, training professional centres and others facilities including all kind of huge construction public projects.

The company keep pace with its technical and human resource capabilities the economic development in Syria by its practical contribution in implementation of the most difficult and huge projects whatever were its financial and technical size and in all fields.

If we look to the reference of projects implemented by the company during the past years we note that all these projects were implemented actually on time and at the highest technical standards even in most cases the company invents new methods and tools which improve the specification of the project and increase its implementation speed and efficiency.

Therefore the company has got many appreciations by the owners for most implemented projects especially for the hydroelectric plant in the Tishreen dam facility and other public projects in the country.

The company was classified at the ministry of housing and construction as an excellent grade premiere company for building speciality under the name of Mohammad Hisham Ismael Company and partners.